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What do we offer?

Legalizacja GC

Foreigners' Assistance Office

We assist people from other countries in the process of legalizing their stay in Poland. For employers looking to hire workers from abroad, we help obtain work permits for their future employees.

We provide professional advice on matters related to formalities involved in assisting with filling out the necessary documents, and we monitor the progress of procedures before the appropriate authorities. We also assist foreigners in administrative matters of a different nature.

WORK PERMIT types A, B, C, D, E

A work permit is a document that allows foreigners to legally work in Poland. Depending on the type of work performed and the length of stay in the country, there are different types of permits: A, B, C, D, E.

Declaration of entrusting work to a foreigner.

A statement of entrusting the execution of work to a foreigner is a document that allows legal work in Poland. It is issued based on a simplified administrative procedure. It applies to citizens of Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine (Russia - suspended).

NOTIFICATION regarding the assignment of work for citizens of Ukraine.

The notification of the assignment of work for Ukrainian citizens is a document that informs that an employer has hired a Ukrainian citizen in their company. At the same time, this document allows Ukrainian workers working in Poland to obtain a work and residence permit.

Residence Card

-Residence + Work - Temporary residence and work permit
-Residence permit (for family members)
-Blue card (for highly qualified employees)
- Residence of a long-term EU resident
-Permanent residence


A citizen of the European Union may stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland for up to 3 months - if the stay lasts for more than 3 months, the citizen of the European Union is obliged to register his/her stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland.


A confirmation of possession or loss of Polish citizenship is an official document that confirms whether an individual possesses or has lost Polish citizenship. This confirmation is necessary, among other things, to apply for a Polish passport or identity card and to obtain some benefits and allowances in Poland.

Additionally, we offer support in obtaining

Personal Identification Number
NIP number
Registration at the tax office.
Certificate of non-arrears in taxes.
Certificates of non-arrears with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), as well as certificates indicating the amount of social security contributions paid to ZUS.
Localization of foreign civil status acts.
Copies of birth or marriage certificates.
Certificate of no criminal record.